S K Solutions recognizes the importance of power solutions for infrastructure to help units of all scales. We offer a wide range of power solutions and global services to industry, integrators, and consumers. We offer advanced range of power solutions for infra, and reliable products for all kinds of applications. With an excellent combination of high quality components and standard application procedures, S K Solutions delivers world class solutions to its customers worldwide.

S K Solutions services includes but not limited to:-

Infra Solutions Supply

  • 1. Roof Top Power
  • 2. Shelter & Cabinets Solutions
    Small Cabinet Solutions with electrical accessories.
    Medium Cabinet Solutions with all the electrical accessories
    Large Cabinet Solutions with all the electrical accessories
  • 3. Battery Cabinets
    DC Panel Battery Outdoor / Indoor of various size including electrical accessories
  • 4. Hybrid Rack Cabinets
    Hybrid Rack cabinets Comprising of Customized Dimensions and free space
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